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‘The Sevens’ on stage

Original painting

‘The Sevens’ on stage

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Original painting. 78 cm x 58 cm. (Contains passepartout frame.)

Our painting, ’The Sevens’ on stage commemorates Liverpool FC’s famous 7-0 victory against rivals Manchaster United, played on 5th March 2023 in Premier League, inspired by their shot map and xT – expected threat heatmap data visualizations.​

The artist impersonated the goals and shots and lifted them onto the stage of a music club, to the great delight of the celebrating crowd. The red bricks and arched stage of the club will be familiar to all Liverpudlians.
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The Origin

The original shot map visualizing all the shots ang goals Liverpool achieved during the game. This shot map inspired our artist for creating the painting.​The yellow dots are the goals, the white ones are all other shots and headers.

The metric xT – expected threat is measuring how a pass or a ball carry increased the probality of a team scoring a goal. The xT heatmap shows which areas on the pitch was used by the team for creating more threating actions.​