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The Hungarian rule

Premium poster

The Hungarian rule

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Premium poster, 29.7 x 42 cm.

Our painting, The Hungarian rule commemorates Hungary’s famous 4-0 win over England played on 14th June 2022, inspired by their goal map and pass network data visualizations.

On the painting, the players are represented by their nicknames. Puskás and the rest of the Golden Team must be proud of their successors.

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The Origin

The original shot map visualizing all the goals and shots Hungary achieved throghout the game. This shot map inspired our artist for creating the painting.

The bigger a dot is, the higher xG (expected goals) value that specific goal had, representing the probability of a similar shot resulting a goal.

The original pass network visualization, showing all the pass connections beween Hungary’s players, that inspired our artist for creating the painting.The red dots are representing the players of Hungary, placed on their average passing position on the pitch. The bigger a dot is, the more passes he made during the game. The thicker a line between two players is, the more passes they made between each other. Only passes over five are displayed on the diagram.