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The GOAT’s glory

Original painting

The GOAT’s glory

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Original painting, 58,5 cm x 79,5 cm. (Contains passepartout frame.)

The GOAT’s glory commemorates Argentina’s famous victory in the FIFA World Cup 2022 held in Qatar. ​

The painting was inspired by the shot map visualization of Argentina achieved on the tournament. ​

With its play of colours, the painting symbolises how Argentina has emerged from all the countries in the world to become the one that can claim to be the world champion. This is how the painting's colourful world becomes increasingly blue and white. The GOAT himself played a major role in all of this, his presence providing the impetus to lead the entire team to victory.​
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The Origin

The original shot map visualizing all the shots ang goals Argentina achieved during the World Cup. This shot map inspired our artist for creating the painting.​

The red dots are the goals, the white ones are all other shots and headers. The bigger a dot is, the higher xG (expected goals) value that specific shot had, representing the probability of a similar shot resulting a goal.​